When is today good? When it greets you waking up in a safe bed, having survived your journey across the Mediterranean in an inflatable raft? When the prisons of Libya are far behind you? When nobody is trying to kill you? When you have enough to eat? When you are not seeing other human being perish around you? When you have friends to talk to? A school to attend?

Today is Good! is a song and a project, result of the encounter between young asylum seekers in Sicily, and two European musicians wanting to meet them. The name came from Obaydul Kader, who called out ‘Today is good!’ in a group improvisation, and then explained: We are singing! 

In Summer 2017 we led weekly music workshops in reception centres for young people who had arrived, unaccompanied, on the shore of Europe. We began by singing and playing music – on saxophone and guitar – while wandering around the centre, and boys joined us gradually. But in time the boys started sharing their own songs. We stood back while a world erupted in front of us, dancing, rapping, singing, and shouting in multiple languages – Bambara, English, French, Wolof…

Today is Good! aims to develop this talent and creativity in such a way that it not only enriches the lives of participants emotionally and socially, but also enhances their employment prospects. While we assist in the preparation of original songs and in the technical aspects of digital music production (recording, mixing, post-production, artwork, website, promotion and distribution), we are imparting skills that can be transferred into a range of working environments. As our community grows, we seek to counteract the danger that these people are forced into conditions of slavery that are endemic in this part of Europe.

In order to draw attention to our project we have began preparing songs for public release. You can support us by buying our first CD here or making a donation here. All profit from the CD supports the project. You can read more about our financial policy here




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