For asylum-seekers music is often a re-connection with happiness. Making music is also a way of giving others happiness – and thus a way of offering, connecting, even when you feel you have nothing left. Wisdom, who comes from Nigeria, has always listened to music. He says he needs music in order to be well. He started singing only when he arrived in Sicily and ‘One more time’ is his first published song. It combines happiness with sorrow, and presents a question. Can you love me…? Just one more time…?

Behind the apparent simplcity of Wisdom’s love-song is a bigger question, one that all asylum-seekers confront. Can you love me, Europe, if you are so obsessed about the colour of skin?
This song will be heard in London on 30 June, at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, with responses from musicians from around the Mediterranean.¬†Wisdom lives in Sicily, and is not able to travel to London. Join us!

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