Arts against Slavery is a new charity supporting the changing population of Europe by developing a creatively different vision for the continent. A yet-to-be-told story is that many young people landing on the coastline have been brought there by international slavery networks. On arrival they are confronted with brutal prejudices, as well as further exploitation and new forms of slavery.

We are using the power of the arts – giving people voices, fostering friendship, transforming narratives and creating opportunities – to respond in two main ways.

1. We are working to develop a new conversation about social responsibility, dignity, and the joy of creative transformation.

2. We are leading educational projects based on creative practices, moving against the prevailing pedagogical trend of separating technical and scientific work from socio-cultural awareness.

Our first major project is Today is Good!, an education project based in eastern Sicily. Through a series of vocal and song-writing workshops we are helping young asylum-seekers develop a new repertoire of songs. Today is Good! imparts creative and technical skills (performing, recording, mixing, post-production, artwork, website, promotion and distribution) that can be transferred into a range of working environments. We also intend that the results – available online – can be powerful messages to the world beyond, and engender greater understanding of the situation of recent arrivals.

Buy our first CD here or read more about Today is Good!

Rachel Beckles Willson